MIL woes

So little bit of backstory my MIL is a classic narcissist always wanting things to go her way and refusing to admit she is in the wrong. MIL has never liked me, my husband dated her best friend’s daughter casually in high school before meeting me and she was devastated when they broke up. When my husband and I were dating my MIL was constantly inviting her friend and his ex to family dinners and holidays. It got to the point where my husband had to literally ask her to stop and she claimed that she had no bad intentions she just loved having her friend around. We stopped going around as much because she refused to stop and it made us both uncomfortable.

Fast forward a few years we are married. She fought him saying he shouldn’t marry me, we got married anyways. She sent him a message saying that he shouldn’t have kids with me in case he changes his mind, claiming she’s “looking out for him”.

Mind you I had tried for years to be her friend, to get to know her, even though I knew she didn’t like me. We only saw her for holidays because she never wanted to get together. About a year after being married we got pregnant and she literally flipped a switch wanting to be super involved cause she was a grandma. Started showing up all the time unannounced to our house, being really pushy about babysitting the baby when she was literally a month old. She then kept saying how DD looked exactly like my husband and she could totally see the resemblance and making jokes if I was even the mom.

Fast forward a year or so and she still comes over more than before but only when my husband is there. She won’t just spend time with me. Now daughter is starting to look more like me. Which is normal. She has been making comments every time she sees us about “are you sure you are the father?” To my husband and even sent him a message saying he should take a paternity test.

He is 100% the father and I’m just so frustrated with her behavior. If anyone has made it this long thank you. I just don’t know what to do because it’s so hard constantly trying to not let her behavior bother me.