Don’t bring him outside

LO is 3 months old and since I gave birth to him he was outside for 5 x in this month because it was 70 degrees and I didn’t want him outside before because it was cold.

So due to virus and everything I called his nurse and ask is okay to be outside she agreed just to keep social distance.

So that bring us to yesterday.My husband sister brought her mom (my mil) to my house without even asking (she doesn’t go anywhere but still) because she misted my LO.She asked how is he o told her he is good and we went for walk.

Mil : omg you shouldn’t bring him outside because of virus

Me : well why you don’t be locked in house for 2,5 months? (I was nicer when I asked her this)

Mil : I don’t go anywhere where is people

Me : but you still go outside your house at least he didn’t go anywhere for 2,5 months and then I should lock the doors so no one can come and we can’t go anywhere either.

And she stopped with that

I hate when people give me unwanted advice my mom,mil,neighbors like anyone.

If I ask then answer if you know but if I’m ftm doesn’t mean im stupid 🤯

Why don’t put hat on him in side of house (in side is 74 degrees,and kid is with long sleeves),cover him with blanket,tell his doctor he is moving his head more on the right side so they can do something about that and they probably didn’t pull him correctly when you gave birth and they messed his neck ( I swear my birth was great nothing went wrong)