So, short background, when I was pregnant with my first I didn't know I was pregnant and went to Canada's Wonderland (which is an amusement park) I clearly remember a Monarch butterfly landed on the hood on my car as I was at a stop light. That month I got a BFP. After that I had a bit of a rough pregnancy with occasional bleeding and a placental detachment scare but throughout all this I continuously saw butterflies outside my window. Granted it was summer/fall. It always felt like God sent them to comfort me and give me hope 🙏 I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy in 2018 💙.

Now I've been TTCing for 6 months and in April (which is still pretty cold in Canada) somehow today, out of no where, a butterfly came inside my house at some point. Just sitting on my kitchen window. I tried putting it out but it won't leave probably due to the cold so I put it on some plants I have. I am shook. IS THIS A SIGN? I am shaking. Should I be hopeful??!! 🦋🦋🦋 I feel like God's trying to tell me something or give me comfort like He did before ❤️

Update: unfortunately got my period so I'm on to my 7th month now. Maybe my time is soon?