Husband is personal trainer... what should I do?

This is kind of a stupid problem but I’m wondering how other people would feel

My husband has been a personal trainer on and off the past few years. He’s only really done it if he had extra time, or needed some extra cash. He’s in great shape, and he’s helped so many men and women get in awesome shape.

I used to be naturally thin. On our wedding day I was 110 pounds, and that is a great weight for me. I never really worked out much, just did some crunches, and I ate pretty good. I gained a ton of weight from both pregnancies, had no bounce back, and now I am a complete mess. I am 160 pounds and it does not look good on my small petite frame, and I have the c section pouch. I am desperate to get down to my pre pregnancy weight, but i would be happy at 125.

We have a nice gym in our basement, I just started working out down there last month. My husband told me that when the kids are asleep, we can go down and he can “coach me”. I am so grateful he’s supportive but I don’t know why, I feel so self conscious working out with him. Like I am in BAD shape. I can barely run, I get tired so easily, i look like a frog when I do squats, and I am sooo self conscious. If I was in better shape, it would be cool, but I don’t know. Like my husband has seen me birth 2 children so I don’t know why this is bothering me. Like I would prefer to do it alone.

Idk.... how would you guys feel?? Would you want to work out with your husband if you were out of shape and he was in awesome shape?? Am I being ridiculous??? Should I just stop thinking about it and see how it goes?? I’m so embarrassed 😩