How many moms on here have or known someone that has had their tubes tide and ended up pregnant shortly after

Have any of you beautiful ladies get your tubes tide and end up pregnant 6 month to a year later or even know anyone that has... I'm 26 years old I've had my tubes tide for almost 5 months and my period has been very regular like it was before I had my daughter it even came back on the same exact date each month like it was before I got pregnant well I'm going on 3 days without a period and I've been super tired and I cant keep food down and the smell of things makes me gag.. I'm not in any type of pain or nothing.. I've been getting dizzy when I wake up like I did when I was pregnant my kids are being very clingy again like they was when i was pregnant... and I know it is a difference because they went back to being up their daddies ass after I had their sister... me and my SO are freaking out because we wasnt wanting another baby that's why I got my tubes tide.... I havent been stressed I didnt even know it was past my period time until I opened this app

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