Ive been going off on my husband

Ladies idk whats wrong with me. Maybe im just fed up? Lately im snapping on him left and right but bc it’s the same shit over and over (tasks that he knows need to be done) and i have to repeat myself couple of times every night. Ugh ok, im a SAHM. I cook i clean and of course take care of my 18m old whom is still NOT walking and does not communicate. It’s hard 😓

And with this whole corona too it sucks that we’ve been LITERALLY stuck at home for the past 2 months 😩

Anywhooo... so it’s the things like not drying the floor after he showers and gets it all wet, closing the shower curtain after he’s out, wiping down the mirror bc he gets it all wet when he washes hands, brushes teeth... 🙄 (these have been going on for the past 4-5 yrs)

Helping feed my son at dinner if im halfway through cooking... helping me pick up some toys up before LO goes to bed...

And overall doesn’t interact with him much so i guess i feel like im stuck at home all day with my toddler (doing everything for him since he’s pretty much 0% independent ) and then have to clean up his act as well which is an everyday thing and an everyday thing i ask him to help me with which he clearly doesn’t care.

Ugh 😩 it sure ain’t easy +

the worst part is he’s been pressuring me into having another baby.

Heck no! Im receiving little to no help from him and my son is not independent whatsoever.

I recall we had a big fight around the newborn stage because he chose to take two weeks off work to “help me” and all he’d do was sleep. I breastfed so even when i wanted to get rest I couldn’t and then i got a pump thinking “ok, he will be able to help now” but it was the same thing he’d sleep and wanted the baby in bed to not have to wake up bc he was lazy. Therefore i still just forced myself to stay up with the baby and just do everything myself (breastfeed him)

Now he gets home from work, locks himself in restroom for about 20-30min comes to the living room or eats and gets on his phone. COMPLETELY ignores our son.

Ugh can anyone else relate?

Any advice?

Ok rant over...