At home ICI with fresh sperm help

Hello ladies..

My husband has ED, delayed ejaculation which is fun when not wanting to TTC because he can go for a while... but when TTC we dont have the stamina to do it every night.. we turned to doing artificial insemination... and that looks like this:

I use opks to find out when my fertile window is open.. when tests start to get a little dark.. on premom it's a score of .30+/-...

When we inseminate:

I have an orgasm (for fertility lubricant)

He puts a sample into a diva cup (smaller off brand)..

I insert it

I lay my hips on a few pillows so my pelvis is tilted to the ceiling and is above my head..

I have 2 more orgasms (with help) one immediately after insertion and one 20 minutes later..

I then keep the cup in for the night..

I'm reading soft cups are better but I cant seem to get those placed right... will this still work with ???