Manager wants tips


are managers allowed to ask for a tip-out?? Im working takeout at a restaurant 1-3 days a week while pregnant and it gets fairly busy during my morning shift where i am all by myself until someone comes in at 4-5 pm to relieve me. There is a manager who always bags up the food and brings it to me since it is a bit of a walk but i can do it myself. I appreciate the help, otherwise there would be alot of grumpy guests, but i dont ask for the help. One day the manager was saying how a particular employee tips him out but no one else does. Then i replied "well, you're a manager.." and he said "yeah i know but id appreciate a tip." I was confused because the other managers help out too but they dont expect anything. And then he went on about how he has to do multiple jobs.. well... YOURE A MANAGER. you manage the restaurant and step in and help when it is needed. I got pissed so i started working super fast to make sure customer needs were met, ran back and forth to bag food and bring it out to cars while picking up the phone and taking phone and in person orders while stocking up supplies. I just dont understand why he hinted for a tip. Dont help out your employee so that you can get a tip.