Due date july 28, hd 30 weeker


If you follow me you know my wate broke at 28 weeks was admitted to hospital and was supposed to make it to 34 weeks and be induced had a stroke and sezuires but unfortunately Didnt make it he was born may 19th at 9:32pm with emergency c section I literally told them i was in pain all day and contractions didnt pull up on monitor until night shift cane and she readjust it and contractions pop up immediately. Doctor came and checked i was 7 Cm and he felt head and foot behind head and cord, he had a second doctor check for second opinion and she had to get her fingers to hold the cord until ww got into the OR and i went under general anesthesia. Baby is healthiest baby in nicu only on oxygen and feeding tube he will be home closer to his due date july 28 but if gains weight and eat on his own sooner he can come home. And he's drinking mommies good ole breast milk. So csection (15 staples) and pumping im in pain but for my baby to come home.