Do you have your babies name picked out already???

herewegoagain • 👦3.2012~🧒9.2018~👶6.2020

(Sorry long port/vent) I am currently 33+5 and I still have no name for this little one. This is my 3rd son and I have no clue what to name him. I picked a name but I am nowhere near inlove with it. I feel like I am settling and I hate that I feel this way.

Hubby and I cannot agree on anything. I'm hispanic and he is Caucasian and our names just don't work. Mine are too Hispanic and his are too Caucasian if that makes sense.

We have a Xavier Martin, and a Nathaniel Christian and for baby #3 I have picked out Jonathan but I am not in love like I was with my other boys names.

Any help would be appreciated

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