Pregnancy vs menopause

Oh girls! Sigh! Monday I worked in 100 degree weather for 10 hours & it made me sick plus I was having hot flashes on top of that. Tuesday I wasn’t well. Shaking & crying! ALWAYS HOT!! I have a/c plus a fan & im still sweating! I’m a week late but a prior pregnancy test said negative. So I forgot about that. Period is late & im hot as fuck. This HAS to be menopause! Well....I went to the dr today & im pregnant!! 😮 Dr said it was very faint but definitely there. Shouldn’t it be dark? I’m a week late. She did blood work to check all my levels. Checking the pregnancy levels, estrogen, everything! She mentioned a false positive is possible. OMG GIRLS!!! IM FREAKING OUT! I’m 45!!! 😭😭😭😭