What do you think? 💭


Hi ladies!

I want some advice about my Premom OPKs test chart. I thought I was done this month because I never hit my peak. But something told me on CD 32 to test and BOOM. My first ever positive ovulation test. I know sometimes you can have a positive when your period is coming. But I also took a pregnancy test just in case but was negative. My cycles are a little bit crazy since I get off DEPO. So, i keep testing just in case, and I had positives all day CD32 and CD 33. Today it’s my CD34 and I took another one and was “Low” “Negative”.

So my questions is: If my pregnancy test was negative, my period isn’t here and my OPKs went to low... is a possibility that the positive I had on CD32 was my ovulation day? It is that possible? On CD 32? Thank you very much...