Cuddling with guy bestfriend

Last night my guy bestfriend and I cuddled. It was great until my head was nuzzled in his neck and things go a bit hot from there. I guess my breathing on his neck was a turn on. His was shaking, moaning, and holding me very tight. I feel like a bad person because I took advantage of that and started kissing his neck. Things got pretty heavy intense. Before anything happened that we couldn’t take back, we stopped. He’s in a long distance relationship and it was quiet for a while until he expressed his doubtful feelings about his long distance relationship. Long story short he talked to his gf about his doubts the next morning and he told me they were okay now and she’s coming to town next week. That’s the first time he will meet her. So I guess I’m happy for him. He left this morning and I have been sitting in bed... feeling horrible and idk why.