Debate on when you get your BFP

kamila • 👼🏼👼🏼🌈👧🏽Rainbow baby girl born March 2020 🤰🏽#2

Hi ladies,

I know some of us wonder why we have missed our period and still haven’t got our BFP and then read stories on ladies that have gotten a BFP after let’s say 2 weeks of missed period.

Just would like some input to help us all understand this better, let’s have a respectful conversation about why this is the case for some. Implantation occurs anywhere between 6-12dpo and then takes a few days for hcg to become detectable so around 14dpo or when your period is due if you are pregnant you should be getting a positive

For those that don’t get a positive till a week later, doesn’t that mean they ovulated later than they thought and that is why they got their positive later. Or is truly possible to implant in that timeline and not get a positive till for example 20dpo or 18 days late. My stance is that late BFPs is due to later ovulation and we ladies getting our DPO count wrong. If ovulation is confirmed and accurate, we should get a positive atleast by 14/15 dpo. Just my thought process. Feel free to enlighten me

You’re really not out till AF because you could have ovulated later which means your BFP will come later. Baby dust to everyone