post iud


so i got my iud yesterday at 230pm and i was extremely nervous, i had two panic attacks before actually haha. but the insertion just felt like really bad cramps for about 3 minutes. but i also had an amazing doctor that relieved some stress for me and made me laugh throughout to forgeg about some of the pain. the numbed a little bit so i didnt start feeling cramps til about 2 hours later. my cramps were so extremely bad that i could barely stand and walk on my own. i was bawling my eyes out and groaning because of how much pain i was in. it's the next day at 1042am and i havent had sever cramps like that for about an hour which is good ! the doctor said i could also start wearing tampons today but im a bit nervous. im going to the beach in a few hours and will have to wear tampons but im really nervous too. but, does anyone have any tips on cramps ? ive been using a heating pad but hasnt been helping much. i took ibuprofen last night and also didnt help much either. so comment some tips blow if you have any ! also, how soon did you start wearing tampons ?