so i have this friend seven been friends for at least 14 years and we both have babies but all she does it criticize mine. My daughter is 2 and she talks/ mocks how she talk, call her names like fat and talk about her teeth because she has a gap this is multiple times a day and every chance she gets and she calls my daughter her friend but as my daughter gets older she doesn’t need to think it’s okay for her “friends to talk about her that way and the content bully will make my daughter have low self esteem and im just about feed up girls need to be uplifted and treated like a queen but she won’t feel that way if she’s constantly brought down by someone so close to her but at this point im ready to tell her to stay the hell away from my daughter but how do i address it do i wait until she say something else negative she will probably happen today or whenever she call or we see her. I never speak negatively toward her or her son and i love them . her son is one and the size of a 3 year old but she calls her son skinny and my daughter fat but my daughter has always been underweight and she just turned 2 but still look only 1 year old. I’m not sure if she bullies my child because she doesn’t have her own child or what but it has to stop and she can’t compare child their suppose to be loved