I just need to talk to someone...


So I'm nearly 6 months into breastfeeding.

Some days I enjoy it but most of the time its hard work. Everyone has always told me oh its a leap, growth spurt or something else

But seriously I have one night of sleeping maybe 3 hours and then 2 hours other then that in up every 1-2 hours I'm sooo drained eating crap becuase i have no energy putting weight on so I'm getting down.

I keep praying every night oh maybe tonight ill have more sleep but since birth has been like this I've had the odd 4 hours sleep but then jt will be every hour and a bit after.

Surly it cannot be a growth spurt ext this whole time.

I only breasfeed havent expressed just becuase i dont have time at all and never done bottles for anyone to help but I just dont now i spend the night thinking right why is baby up




Or what I dont know ....

Tempted to try formula I just dont want to be up every hour making bottles it easy to pop a booh in