staying hopeful

i'm not too much of a believer in signs, but i hope this is one. i always found myself purposely looking for them in every day life😔 this one came to me unexpectedly. it may not even mean anything, but it's worth a prayer.. my period is meant to start in a couple days and i'm trying really hard not to lose hope..

after an extremely faint positive test back in November last year, i tried not to get too excited for what it could possibly mean. the next day comes, my bf is at work and i didn't expect what happened next. tmi, you know that feeling when you can tell that you're on your period and it feels like the blood is gonna drip out, so you run to the bathroom before it hits the pad? weird explaining, i know..i was in the kitchen and that feeling hit me..i ran to the bathroom and i bled heavier than i ever had before, and i got extremely scared since i was alone when it happened. we strongly believe that it was a chemical pregnancy it's been hard to get excited ever since..but we didn't let it break us, we were grateful that it was the closest we've come to having a little one together. it's something we both want more than anything, and we know it will happen when the time is right! it definitely isn't easy having negative tests every passing month, but it's one month closer to our dream coming true🥰

sending baby dust to all of the ladies who are still going strong through these hard times. we'll get through this, together 🙂