Water Broke at 3am 35+6

Cassandra 💕

Water Broke @ 3am. Got

To the hospital around 4am. I was already 2/3 centimeters. Was checked again around 7isham was already a 6/7. Got an epidural as those contractions were no joke. Checked at 10am. Was fully a 10. Dr had a c section at 10:45am to someone with twins whose water that broke at 34 weeks. So waited until a little after 12ish. Pushed for about 1 1/2 hours as there were breaks and baby girl was born @ 2:01pm.

Had a Dr appt tmrw too. Baby girl didn’t want to wait until her induction date at 38 wks 6/25. She has to spend 6 hours in the Nicu as she was just under 36 wks. We will get her around 8pm.

Weighed 6 lbs 11oz.

19 1/2 inches long