EDITED:: Would you be annoyed.

So I'm at my aunt's house when my mom asks me to go get her some taco hell. On my way to get my keys my cousin tells me "I'm taking you daughter to play on the trampoline" I said "ok cool. I'm getting ready to go to taco bell anyways" then she immediately handed my daughter back and said nevermind I asked why and she was like "it's your baby. You need to take her with you" I was like "she's not a baby and my mom's watching her while I run to get the food anyways"

I just found it really annoying that she was willing to take her to play in the backyard until she found out I was leaving then she acted like I was asking her to watch my daughter or like I just HAD to take her.

Edit to add ' I never said my child isn't my responsibility I said it was annoying when my mom already planned to be watch my r and my cousin gave me attitude and told me I need to take my child because she thought I wanted her to watch her.