Anyone experience gender disappointment?


I’m having my first and I dreamed it would be a girl. I only wanted one child and one girl and to be done. I have a step daughter who is 10 and I feel I have such a close relationship with her because since I met her at 3 years old I was so interested in doing all the girly stuff with her that her Dad doesn’t really like. We had tea parties, and princess dress up days, and many spa/nail salon visits. I collected tons of hair accessories and we would sit and do her hair in different cute styles. We have matching dresses and are always taking pictures. I love all that girly stuff and felt having my own child if it was a girl too would be such an easy transition. The girls could share a room together and we would save money on clothes because my sister and best friend also had/having girls so hammy down girls clothes will not be hard to find. My husband also wanted another girl as well. He was raised with all sisters and said he wished for all daughters. So we go to my gender reveal appointment and the doctor was like BOOM A BOY. My whole heart sank and all my dreams of the girl stuff went out the window. My husbands face was complete shock and I had a pretty big breakdown in the car ride home and multiple times thereafter. I canceled my gender reveal because I worried I would cry in front of everybody. I’m now adjusting to the idea of my boy. I have edited my Pinterest page and started adding new ideas from mother son clothes matching to room decor. I love sunflowers and wanted sunflower bedding and car seat print etc but I’m not sure that works or is appropriate anymore. I also love cow print so that was an easy trade. I’m happy my child is healthy and growing well. I definitely want him to feel loved and to have that mother son bond so many talk about. My step daughter wanted a little brother so that was a plus she will be pretty excited. I’m curious if anyone else felt this way or experienced some level of gender disappointment?