Is it weird that he hasn’t cuffed me yet?

So I’ve been talking and dating (like going on dates) this guy for about 4 months now. And things are great between us. We ft at least once a week, text everyday, and whatnot. I know he likes me a lot by his actions and words (as he’s always mentioning me in his future. Like saying we should travel whenever coronavirus blows over, or making plans for just us two). And he makes like “jokes” about how he was tryna cuff me but then corona happened and messed up his plans or whatever. But the thing is, it’s been like 4 months and we haven’t really had “the talk” about what our intentions are and if we want to move forward to date exclusively Is it weird that we haven’t had that conversation? Is he just not as serious as I am? Or am I just overreacting?😅

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