Gender undetermined, venting 😒


So I waited 40 min for my dr to call me yesterday for my phone appointment to get the results of the 20w ultrasound and find out the gender. Turns out they didn’t actually book the appointment so I had to wait until today.

Fast forward to my phone appointment this afternoon. Everything with baby looks great but they couldn’t determine the gender.

I’m literally in tears (probably mostly due to the hormones) because I didn’t get to find out the gender. I do not want a surprise at all, not an option! I’ve already been stressing so much because we cannot find a boy name we even remotely like and if it’s a girl I don’t need to worry about that anymore. Now I’m forced to pay $90+ to get a package of photos etc just to find out the gender and we’re already getting photos from the scan at the hospital so we’re just paying extra for no reason.

So disappointed and I feel dumb because my baby is healthy and that’s what matters but I just need to know!!