BFP 3rd Baby and feeling all sorts of excited and nervous!

So my little girl is 3 in September, I had a little boy in January who is 5.5months old. My other half and I started talking about trying for another baby last month, we got pregnant first time around with our first but it took nearly 12 months to get pregnant with our boy so we said we would start now and see what happens. Well... my period was due on Tuesday and no show! After the first month of trying! I got a cheap pink dye test from the shop this evening and there were two pink lines! So looks like we are having baby number 3 February 2021. It is absolutely what we both want but it’s happened so quickly I’ve not really had time to process it. I’ve ordered some clear blue digitals for tomorrow to be certain. Anyone else feel a bunch of nerves and worry when expecting number 3? I’m worried my little boy will miss out on me with him being so little still. But then I think about the amazing family we’re growing my heart bursts. I think it’s normal to have these worries but I guess I’m after a little reassurance. Here’s to our precious baby!