Relationship help

Ok so I would like to start off with We are still young. We have been off and on for months. He doesn’t talk to barely. I don’t know anything about his life not that I’m trying to be in his business but I should at least know a lil bit right?? It seems like all he wants is sex. That’s all we do. He will leave me at his house for hours and not tell me what he’s going to do. He constantly will open my messages and never text back. He’s ghosted me one time. We’ve had pregnancy scares also. He said in a few months he’s gonna have all these “hoes” trying to talk to him but he’s gonna just stay single. Well what about me?? He said he has to focus on school and football and will be real busy so will barely see me. He said after like 2 months we can get back together. I don’t know if I wanna do that. We have already been off and on for so long. He never makes me feel good. He cares about his friends more then me. The other day some stuff went down but I don’t know what happened and I tried to see what was wrong and he pushed me. I told him to never put his hands on me again. There’s one ex of his who seems to always be brought up. Me and her have had multiple problems that bout led to hands being put on one another. He stays liking her pictures knowing we have problems. He says that she had and that I know she is. All kinds of stuff that would make anyone feel bad bout their self. Like your talking about your ex to your gf like she’s not your ex and is way better then you. He seems to care about his friends more then me also. We have never did anything but go to his place and have sex. I’m so over this but I can’t bring myself to leave him. I could go on and on about terrible stuff. But advice?? Thank you