So in love with my baby girl and she’s not even here yet

Asha • Nina’s Muva💝 . insta ashabonitafuego

First off I’ll say idk where this post should go. But anyways, at first i was having a hard time connecting to my pregnancy because I couldn’t feel anything, and I didn’t know what I was having. This is my first pregnancy so idk what I’m supposed to feel. After I found out it was a girl my heart immediately started smiling. I felt connected but there was still a little something off. THEN I started to feel her move and I’m sooo in love, and obsessed. I stare at pictures of my bump and smile thinking about my precious baby girl and what it would be like to see her the day I give birth. My bump literally makes me smile and every kick makes my heart melt. I just had to vent lol I feel very connected finally and had to see if I’m the only one! Due November 2020