Lactation consultant


My baby was never full. She always need formula after breast milk and I felt terrible because I worried I wasn't giving myself a chance to build up a supply. I called a lactation specialist and discovered I probably have hyperplasia and that without the formula my baby would have been starving because I'm not producing enough and it's just an anatomy thing. She gave me solutions to build up my supply and helped me set realistic expectations. My baby is getting breastmilk, but she's also getting full. I had never heard of a medala sns, but that's one of the ways I'm going to support lactation through formula supplements. As my daughter drifted off to sleep, I whispered to her, "We're going to get better". This stuff is hard and everyone's breastfeeding struggle is unique, so surrender a little and call a lactation consultant so the weight of it doesn't crush you.

Be well and remember that if you cry in the shower, your eyes don't get as puffy. ♥️