I don’t know what to do!!!


My son is almost 5 months (will be on Saturday) && we’ve coslept pretty much since he was born. We got this beautiful crib so expensive & an extra comfortable mattress that was also super expensive because we were hoping that he’d sleep in it. Well he doesn’t. We’ve had it like a month now I think & he won’t. He’s currently screaming in his crib. I tried putting him to sleep before putting him in the crib lullaby songs I made sure he was fed before so he’d sleep longer (usually he does when he’s fed) I love my son so much but I need my bed back! It’s hard being intimate with a baby in the bed! We have a queen size bed & we aren’t small people! We’re not fat just tall! I need to spread out again! Lol. Also when he cries really hard he gags himself like he’s gonna throw up! (He hasn’t thrown up yet) but I feel so fuckin bad I don’t know what to do. Also he flips over on his stomach so I’m afraid he’s going to try to sleep face down🤦🏻‍♀️ I would never let him ever! He refuses to take a pacifier. I need some advice but as for now... I’m going to take him out of the crib... it feels like torture for him! I don’t want him to think of it badly being in there.. it’s been 45 minutes 😞