7 weeks is too young for sleep training, right?


Am I missing something, or is everyone already supposed to have a “bedtime routine” or sleep training schedule for their newborn? I thought sleep training was recommended from months 3-4 and up? What can I try for my 7 week old without harming her? She is an overall chill baby but she just. doesn’t. freaking. sleep 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m at my wit’s end. I can calm her fussiness just fine, but when it comes to sleep she barely gets any. We EBF and she feeds every 1.5 hours, on the dot day and night (except for ONE “long” stretch around midnight when she goes 2.5 hours between a feeding). She falls asleep while eating so it’s always a struggle keeping her awake. But then as soon as we burp, change and lay her down (drowsy or passed out sleeping) in her crib, she wakes up sometimes instantly and other times after maybe 15 minutes.

Did your 7 week old have a “bedtime routine” or start some form of sleep training? I’m seeing conflicting answers. Some people in other online groups say they “started sleep training at 2 weeks old and now the baby sleeps really long stretches by 8 weeks”. But isn’t that too young? I read Taking Cara Babies’ Instagram posts and several other informative websites that recommend the best methods to get your baby to sleep better and it’s all just overwhelming/confusing. Some encourage cosleeping for as long as you want, some say NO you need to put the baby and crib in another room, some people have a bassinet by their bed and then transition baby to their crib a few months later. We only have one bedroom so baby’s crib is in the living room but either me or my husband is always there with her, feeding or playing or putting her down to sleep. While one of us is in the living room with her, the other is sleeping in the bedroom. At night I sleep in the living room on the sofa so I can hear baby wake and feed or soothe her. Is this weird too? And am I the only one not doing any form of sleep training at this age? I’m running on like 3-4 hours of sleep every day, broken up into short naps, and I just went back to work this week full time 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’M SO TIRED. But I don’t know if sleep training a 7 week old is the right answer.