Am I petty for doing this?

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant.

Today is also the day I told my boyfriend I don’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore.

Yesterday we had an argument over tons of random bullshit- stemming from the fact that i called him out on not touching me, kissing me, or seeming attracted to me at all. He then side tracked the argument to turn it on me about how it’s my fault, or how other small stupid things are my fault as well. He finally was able to spit out that he straight up just wasn’t attracted to my pregnant body and would get turned off because I can only do like 2 positions comfortably. After i showered usually we both just lay down and go to sleep naked but he noticed I was wearing a dress to sleep, he asked why and all I had to say was that if he couldn’t have sex with my pregnant body then he doesn’t deserve to see it either. He got mad and turned away and didnt say a word to me the rest of the night. I really feel like I’m not in the wrong for covering myself up after he told me he doesnt like the way my body looks.