PCOS stories


hi everyone just wanted to ask has anyone got pregnant while having pcos? I’ve been trying for baby number 5 since I basically came off the pill last year March but nothing was happening then august came and I noticed I wasn’t ovulating so took my self to doctors few months later and got told I have pcos don’t no how bad or what just got told and basically left to deal with it myself. Been really low about it pretty frustrating the weight gaining and just not feeling myself 🥺 don’t really have no one to talk to about how I feel I’m trying to not think about getting pregnant but it’s hard I’ve had few friends sending me scan pics that there pregnant just makes me feel even more low I’m happy for them it just gets me down. I don’t no if I’m able to get pregnant with this still I know doctors say will be way more HARDER to fall. My periods are like a mess I had one in March then missed April and may ones then I started this month one min there fine next there all over place.would love to know ur stories with pcos. X