Why would a 29yo want to be with a 17yo?

There’s this guy I used to talk to (we talked for 7 months recently stopped talking, pretty sad about that 😞) but he’s 29. I was 17 when we started talking (18 now). Now that we stopped talking he got at another girl who’s 17, and seems to go for younger girls since him and I talked when I was 17, he told me I was the youngest that he’d messed with. So I’m curious as to what your opinions are for why a 29 year old would want to get with 17/18 yo girls. And no I didn’t have sex with him :) I’m not stupid lol. But yeah, opinions?

Now that I look back there isn’t a reason you should be interested in a 17 yo, 18 is fine but the girl he’s talking to now is still in high school. We also all work together and it honestly hurts seeing him with somoene else so tips on how to get over that too? :) I know messy situation but hey I got myself into it.