Updated** A mom can dream 🤪


Spent the evening looking up how to start an in home daycare because myself and my son are having issues being away from each other 😔

I figure 2 kids full time and 1 part time (plus my baby bonus) id actually be making more than I currently do lol.

But it’s obviously not that easy....a mom can dream tho 💭 🤭

Update: so my husband is not so keen on the idea but since I have a lot more research and stuff to do he said he will go through it all with me.

Basically we are thinking I need to stay at my current job anyways to qualify for maternity leave. And then once I am off we can get serious about setting up the house and designating the basement for the kids. Then after my leave is done, instead of returning to work I will just do daycare lol. We only just started trying for #2 so who knows could be preggo right now!

The only thing is where my son is going to daycare (we have just visited for an hour for 3 days) and I couldn’t even leave the room. She said if he’s just going to scream the whole time she can’t watch him 😖 so I’m so paranoid and worried for him.

Thank you everyone for the supportive comments! Really makes me feel like I could do it!