Baby visiting rules


Okay so I’m in Ontario and we’re just entering stage 2 where I am. But I still want to enforce rules that no one is going to see our baby physically for the first couple of weeks at least. The only people we’re going to see are my fiancé’s dad and his dad’s girlfriend because they’re driving us to the birth centre and watching our toddler. Besides them I don’t want any visitors. I’ve been considering making a post about it on Facebook but idk. I’m also worried my fiancé will give in and let his mom come over (which believe me will result in a huge fight) since he did with our first when I had asked for at least 24 hours alone, but she wanted to come in so he let her 🙄 (she proceeded to feed my baby formula after being told not to, and stole my daughters first bath from me, so I’m still pretty pissed lol). I already talked to him about us not having anyone over (and I’m planning to talk to him again) but I was wondering for Facebook how to word it if I do make a post. Is anyone else still planning to isolate after birth? And if you posted your rules to Facebook what did you say? Thanks 😊