Anyone else have doubts about their due date?


I’ve had doubts about my due date since my first ultrasound in the ER around 8 weeks. I should have been closer to 9-10 weeks when I went in to the ER for spotting based off my last period, they did an ultrasound to rule out miscarriage and other issues. Based off the ultrasound they said I was 8 weeks pregnant which would mean I found out I was pregnant less than a week after conception. Every ultrasound after that I was measuring 1-2 weeks ahead and this whole pregnancy my high risk doctor has been commenting on how big my baby is. Even at my last growth scan at 32 weeks she said that it’s strange how big my baby is since I don’t have gestational diabetes, especially since gestational hypertension/preeclampsia babies are usually measuring smaller.

I don’t overly care about the actual due date at this point because they’re taking the baby on the 26th if not sooner regardless, but I’m kind of curious since I’m risking my life and the life of my baby by trying to wait to 37 weeks when I could actually be 37 weeks now. I know it’s not gonna change anything lol they’re gonna go off the same due date they have this whole pregnancy, but I was just wondering if any of you thought you were further along from the start.