My husband

So yesterday I told my husband that I don't feel anything during sex. I'm not sure why I don't feel anything. I can feel him enter but I don't feel him inside or anything. We have been together for 12 years. We have 2 kids and are considering another. We love each other. We have problems like any normal couple but work through them. I also told him that I love him and wouldn't say that I didn't want to have sex with him. I love the connection that it gives to me to him. Was I wrong to tell him? Should I just of kept it a secret? He didn't say he was hurt. He just said all women are liers and didn't actually want sex. 🤦 I feel like next time I try to start something he'll say no. I feel wrong to say anything. I'm so sad..

Update.. I've been reading your guys comments. Thank you so much for your opinions. So what brought it up was that I was on top and I couldn't finish him. And so when we were finally done I was talking to him. He made a comment about me getting tired on top. I told him no that I think he just doesn't like me on top. He said he doesn't think I know how to move and that's why. So that's when I told him that it's cuz I don't feel anything. So it wasn't like I was trying to be mean... 🤦🤷 And so he asked if it's the same about being on bottom.. and I said yeah. So the reason I was on top was he broke his foot. So I was just gonna give him a blow job... But he pulled me on top.. but I was so scared that he was gonna be hurt by it... But guess what?!? He wasn't. We had sex again.. he said he still has his knees and got on top and it was amazing! 😁😁😁