Anyone drop to two naps?

Amy Niki • 👼 🌈 👧👶👶 Toddler & twin mom 💗💙💙 YOU are worthy of happiness

Wondering if anyone else has done this transition. We’ve been following the taking carababies for sleep training and schedules for anyone who is familiar. We have always struggled with getting her down for bedtime, and recently that was becoming more of a problem. I reviewed the wake windows for her age which are usually 2.5-3 hrs with 3 hrs of daytime sleep and realized I hadn’t been keeping her up long enough before bed. So I’ve changed that and she’s been going down a lot easier, and taking longer naps. The problem is now I don’t have enough hours in the day to fit this in. Usually we wake up at 730, bed at 8pm. I’m finding myself having to wake her up early from all her naps, which she is not happy about, otherwise she’d be going to bed super late. I do want to get up earlier with her but we’re still working on sleeping through the night. Usually she wakes up at 5 am and will go back to sleep after a feed, once I can get her to wake up closer to 630 we’ll call that morning. My husband thinks I obsess over sleep schedules (maybe he’s right?) but I’m the one who has to struggle to get her to sleep at night or try to get her back to sleep early in the morning. It’s exhausting!