I need friend advice. Is this normal in your group?


I know no one is perfect and everyone has some sort of toxic aspect or whatever to them.

But idk if my friends are just shit or if I’m just overly sensitive and just in a super bitchy and tired mood rn.

One friend I help w all her problems and she only comes to me cuz I know how to talk and help ppl without over stepping and etc.

But whenever I am going through shit she barely helps. She just keeps talking ab her own shit so it’s always me just helping her even when I’m going through shit that’s honestly atm way worse than hers rn.

But Ik she has my back and she doesn’t mean to be a raging cunt. I love her to death but omg.

She just still growing and maturing and hasn’t really figure out how to take responsibility yet.

Then my other friend is the very compatible type where she needs to be the better one. If you’re receiving too much guy attention, she’ll put you down. She’s the type to suggest an ugly outfit to you if that day she’s feel self conscious ab herself. Because that’s really all that is is her not be confident and not loving herself. She goes through a lot of crap and I love her too. Just sometimes these things get annoying.

Then if all three of my friends are together w me, I’m the one that gets shit on, butt of all jokes, and it’s honestly miserable. Like I try my best to not hang when they’re all together. And yes they know I’m sensitive and that I’m the last they’ve hurt my feelings but idk they keep doing it.

Again we’re all 19, I’m not saying I’m perfect. I have flaws that I do and don’t know about and all you can really do is try to improve yourself. But sometimes I wonder if this is normal for friends?? Idk. Currently trying to make new friends w these two guys I met (one of my friends is trying to fuck one so it’s complicating stuff for me) in hopes that being friends w guys is easier? Except all guys wanna do is fuck pretty much soo I give up yeah fuck this.

⚠️ sorry for spelling. I haven’t slept in almost 48 hours