Ultrasound or Root Canal???


Haha probably sounds like a weird question. But I need a root canal done in a tooth that previously had it done it as there might be an accessory root causing a problem. The tooth is so sensitive to pressure from brushing and eating etc. There is no concern for infection at this point just nerve irritation.

But I’m nearing my appointment to schedule my anatomy scan so we can find out the gender.

I work full time and have to work July 4th weekend. So I took off the 2nd and the 8th. I have a toddler that will be home with me those days that I’ll miss out on time with on the weekend so I don’t want to do both appointments in the same day.

So now I’m stuck choosing which one I want to do first. I lean toward the US but man my tooth is bugging me.

Ugh it’s the most ridiculous decision to have to make right now.