Need guidance/advice for kyleena


hello loves! so i’ve never been on birth control before because my mother always claimed it would “make me fat” and that the hormones would “ruin my body”. finally after years of her preventing me from making my own choice, i have made my appointment to get the kyleena iud. i chose the iud after educating myself and reading several studies from medical journals i fortunately have access to at university. my appointment is in a week and i’m looking forward to finally taking control of my body, only i find myself terrified of what the procedure will be like and what comes after. my mother has no clue so i’ll be essentially alone through this whole thing. i was wondering if anyone on here has some advice for the kyleena iud or want to share their experiences with it if they’re comfortable? it would mean a lot to have support/guidance through this whole thing. thanks all!



i got the iud inserted yesterday! i took the 800 mg ibuprofen beforehand and my gynecologist gave me the numbing shot and they both really helped. the insertion went really well; i had some nausea but not for long. so far so good i’ve barely had any cramps! i’m keeping up on ibuprofen for a little while just to minimize the tenderness i feel still. i’m just so happy everything went well! my mom still has no idea. thank you to everyone who commented, it really helped me!!