Differences on second/third/... baby


Hey ladies, I was just thinking about how with my first I didn't even consider that I could give birth before I hit 39 weeks (have both at 38w5d) and now I'm over 37 weeks and I'm just happy I got this far.

I hope little one will stay in for another week or two, because that's the best for her, but I've had enough of being pregnant and I have a little thought that any day now I could give birth - I'm even feeling a bit guilty that it's a tiny bit of a hopeful thought. Oh I was feeling out of it the first time too, but it really didn't occur to me that she would arrive earlier than her due date back then... And now I'm thinking about it every day.


So I was just wondering, how about you second or third time or more experienced moms? What has changed from previous pregnancies for you?