Do you trust the information we currently have concerning the pandemic?


As time progresses concerning the Covid-19 pandemic I’m seeing more and more people lose trust in all media outlets, the CDC, the WHO, and even their own doctors. In the beginning I remember a lot of us taking it more seriously, encouraging others to socially distance and wear masks, but a lot of that has faded now even though we are still seeing spikes and outbreaks. In Florida they are averaging 3,000+ cases a day. However, I see more and more people starting to say they don’t believe it and are beginning to think it’s an overreaction or even hoax, or that the virus simply has to run its course through the population and it’s “not that bad” with a high survival rate.

🦠Has your trust diminished in the information given to the public about Covid-19?

🦠Did you trust the information at first, and now you are second guessing it?

🦠 Are you still adhering to CDC/WHO guidelines or have you slackened a bit?

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