Husband being passive aggressive about how I am choosing to heal from the miscarriage

I am really fucking annoyed. My husband is being passive aggressive about my way of healing from my miscarriage. I literally miscarried all day yesterday, last night, and I am still bleeding and cramping today. Well since I spent all day yesterday on the couch resting and not doing much he is hinting that today I need to get shit done. Just passively asking when will I do this, or that. And I keep telling him that I don’t feel good so I most likely won’t get it done today. So now he is huffing and puffing, trying to do some of my tasks, only doing half of the task and then coming to me asking me to complete it. Like STOP!!! NO BITCH! I JUST LOST A FUCKING BABY! I AM BLEEDING BLOODY CLOTS THE SIZE OF A SMALL CHICKEN EGG!!! IM NOT GETTING OFF MY FUCKING ASS RIGHT NOW! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!