Huggies snug and dry

brooke • girl mama💗💗

So I’ve been using the huggies brand since my daughter was a newborn, I loved the snug and dry up until she got more active. Now they like to fall off and sag when she barely even pees, I put them on correct and make sure they’re not too loose or anything. I’ve also noticed these little gel-like balls when I change her. I know they upgraded them and changed the design, but I feel like since they did that they’ve been terrible! Anyone else have this issue with them lately? We’re having to go back to the little movers which I’m hoping will still work for her because huggies has been changing their diapers up. She’s only able to use huggies because everything else breaks her out, I’ve tried every brand (name brand and store brand). I feel like pull ups won’t work for her because she’s a really heavy pee-er right now. Does anyone use pull ups yet? Do they work well?