Ivf listen to my heart or my gut

Alyssa • 5 1/2 years of trying. 1 👼, 3 🧪. Started IVF

So me and my husband have been talking about <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>. We have been trying for 5.5 years with one confirmed pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. We also have had 2 chemical pregnancy while in the processing of trigger and timed intercourse. I am making a pro and cons list for starting soon or waiting till September when my insurance will renew and cover 3 cycles. I feel like my biggest con for call is waiting idk if i am mentally prepared to wait. I dont want to stop i just want to keep pushing forward. A big con is money we have some saved but not enough if we waited we could save more and use my insurance if we don't wait we can do payments. I am at a loss i know the adult decisionsl should focus on money but my biggest hurdle is waiting. I am also a teacher and i go back to work in September that is another thing that might stand in are way idk how lean yet they will be i know they cant deny anything but i still think about it.Am I being ridiculous about not wanting to wait. I want to make the best decision but the waiting is somthing that is taring me apart. This is my list. Do I listen to my heart and just go for it and not wait till fall. Or listen to my gut that is saying save money and wait.

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