Is this a normal feeling?


So I've been with my other half nearly 2 years, probably not relevant but thought I would set the scene.

I've always been a really independent person, but lately I've been so anxious if we are apart for more than a day or two.

We live together and have done for a year now. He's gone home to see his family for three days (literally left this morning and he's back on Friday - THREE DAYS) and I miss him so much I could cry. I'm anxious, worried that something will happen to him on the drive or something. I don't feel nearly as safe in the flat as when he is here. I have just begun my period so I'm sure that isn't helping!

In February, I went on holiday with a friend and I cried on the first and second days because I was so homesick. Thankfully I managed to enjoy it a little after that.

When I was young and went on school trips for more than a day I would be so homesick and miss my parents so much I would cry. Even in uni on a trip I missed home.

What's wrong with me 😩 would really appreciate a chat with people at the moment to keep my mind occupied.

Thanks ladies x

And for those of you who's partners are in the military, or who do long distance relationships, I admire you all so much. 💕