Can Chemistry kick in later on?

I started dating this really sweet guy that I really like.. but I didn’t feel « the spark » when we made out.. The question is, do you think the chemistry could kick in later?

So here’s the full story:

We have some history together; he said he loved me half a year ago but I was in a terrible depressive episode then. So I told him I am not in a mental situation to think about a relationship, and I cannot trust my feelings right now to say yes or no for a better situation in the future.

So months passed and a lot of things changed, including my mental situation. We kept hanging out as friends, and had fun.

At some point I decided I really want to give this relationship a chance so I made a move.. and he turned me down, saying he has suppressed his feelings for so long that they’re gone.

After about 2-3 weeks, he asked if we could hang out. He seemed to be down and I wanted to make sure he’s ok. We met and had a fun night and then he asked if I’m still interested.. I said yes. Tbh I was feeling very confused as it felt kind of sudden.

We made out and cuddled. I asked that we wouldn’t sleep together yet as I still needed to process the feelings.

I really like this guy but the kisses were honestly not magical. Do you think it’s because the mental situation or there is more to it?

My previous boyfriend (broke up a year ago) turned out to be a complete jackass, but still, just smelling his neck was enough to turn me on and make me want to eat him all up.. and now I ask myself if I didn’t get that feeling with my new guy, does it mean we wouldn’t be compatible sexually?

Or do you think I’m reading into things too much?