How can this be happening

I need to vent. I’m 37+4 today and was going on maternity leave a week from tomorrow. Well today I got laid off because of this damn Covid virus. I am so sick of this virus. I am now so stressed and I know it’s not good for baby but it’s hard not to be when I can’t even go find a job right now because there isn’t enough time. Nor would anyone hire me. I am so heartbroken, I never saw this coming. I got a good severance package - 11 weeks + 5 weeks of pro paid out. OR if I sign a document that I can’t take them to court, they will give me an additional 15 weeks making it 26 weeks + 5 pto paid out. (The 15 weeks is their compensation for my maternity leave that I had coming up). Ugh. Even with nearly 7 months pay, this situation sucks so bad right now.