Need help-Single mom & lost our housing

I’ll save the long story but I’m 24 and a single mom to a 3.5y/o and 9m/o I’ve been staying with my parents to get on our own feet but my dad got upset about the kitchen being messy in the middle of me making my moms birthday cake and has now essentially kicked us out. I’ve been reaching out to the state resources for affordable housing since my older son was an infant, but most waitlists have been closed or at least 2-4 years long. I had put us on one when he was young but it was far from where we need to be and I still haven’t heard anything. I’ve called about 70 of the affordable housing properties and am just under halfway through the list in our county, but the shortest wait list is 1.5years and some are first come first serve but the tenant has to give 30 days notice so minimum of 30 days. It seems the main option for us at the moment is utilizing family and friends who might be able to take us in for a short time or a women and children’s shelter. Has anyone ever been through this? What did you do? What can I do? I lost my job in March because of Covid and have applied to well over 50 with only two interviews and no follow ups. I just feel at a freaking loss.

I do get my mail with them but it is at a shared PO Box, is that still relevant? Regardless we need to get out ASAP my dad is not stable and will snap at any moment. My older son already has a completely different demeanor towards his papa because he is scared of him after the cake fiasco (we left abruptly because my dad got aggressive and was throwing things and cussing) my dad was doing ok for a while, but not anymore and it’s evident he needs help and we need out. Currently have my sister and very good friend who have offered for us to stay with them for a short while. But I hate to put anyone out, there’s so much to this. But it’s so long, so I’m trying to keep it short/to the point.