6 week old baby boy


Hey guys! Just wanted to see how everyone else is holding up and everyone’s routines.

My baby boy is 6 weeks and awake more during the day. We will go down for short naps and a longer stretch in the evening. His witching hour is from 10pm-1am every day. Usually we can get him down by 11/12am but it’s a struggle. Lots of crying, rocking, walking around and short feedings. Then he will sleep for 2/3 hours, feed, sleep again for another 2/3 hours and will go back to sleep. Anyone else’s baby have their witching hour in the middle of the night? I feel like it’s cutting into his bedtime and he could be sleeping more. Also, when do babies sleep for longer stretches? I see lots of posts on here where babies are sleeping 5/6 hours and younger than my son... he is a hungry boy no matter how much I up his formula...he has to wake up to eat every 2/3 hours. He has already gained 5 pounds!